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If you have invested a little time looking over our website then you know it is time to get involved and start examining the Wonderful World of Amateur Radio. Amateur radio is a premier high-tech hobby and is enjoyed by people from all walks of life from around the world. It is after you get your license that you get to experience and appreciate what Amateur Radio is all about. This hobby has something for everyone and it will test your abilities, so never worry about getting bored.

The best way to explore Amateur Radio is to join a club get involved with the members, gain experience and new friends though participating in and with various programs and events. Your ham license is your membership card to a unique worldwide fraternity. No matter where in the world you are, if there's a ham nearby, you've got a friend.

Our Club is involved with supporting Public Service Events such as Parades, Walk-a-thons, Boating Activities, ARES/RACES Emergency Communications, Disaster Preparedness, etc. We participate with Annual Field Day, Hamfest's, DX Contesting, T Hunting, Kit Building, Electronic Experimenting, Antenna Construction or what ever your desires may be. Check in on our Weekly On-The-Air Net or, even better yet, check our General Membership Meeting schedule and visit us.

To join the Radio Operators of Dallas (ROADS) come to our next meeting, (we will treat you in so many ways you are bound to like one of ‘em), and get acquainted, or contact a Board member listed below:















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